Dusit Attack: Boinnet warns Kenyans over criminal sympathizers

Inspector  General Joseph Boinnet has addressed Kenyans  concerning the Dusit Attack and warned them against criminal sympathizers.

Boinnet  confirmed that this criminal activity commenced at about 3pm in a coordinated version that began with an attack at I&M Bank with an explosion that targeted 3 vehicles in the parking lot and suicide explosion in the foyer of dusit hotel.

The Inspector General also added that due to the swift and targeted response by their security agencies, the situation has been largely contained and 6 out of the 7 floors of the hotel building have been secured.

He also warned the public that sympathizers of these criminals have taken to the internet using old and quite disturbing images all of which have nothing to do with today’s incident in an attempt to spread fear and despondency among the public.

Boinnet urged Kenyans to be calm saying that they should report any information that will be helpful to their operation.

From the state house reports, they also urged Kenyans not to share any messages or photos that will instill fear or cause tension.

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