Why police might get their new uniforms in 2021 despite their launch last year

Do you remember the new police reforms that were launched at Kenya School of government in Kabete last year? Among the reforms, new police uniforms sparked the attention of many. All the 60,000 General Duty Officers were expected to wear the new uniform December last year, but it did not happen, raising concerns on local manufacturers capacity to produce the uniforms even as Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi defended them.

According to Police Spokesman Charles Owino, Police officers will have to wait for at least 2 years to get all the required sets of the new Persian blue police uniform, which are being manufactured locally.

Only a few senior officers have been seen wearing the new Persian blue uniform but Owino says there is no cause for alarm, as more resources are set to be channeled towards the acquisition.

Matiangi had in December complained of intense pressure from people he described as “all manner of thieves for the government to import the new police uniform,” on grounds that the local textile industry has no sufficient material to produce it.

On Thursday, Owino told one of the local dailies that in the next 12 months, all officers will have at least one pair of the new uniform, but they will have to continue using the old one until it is completely phased out and all pairs ready.

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