Why some Jubilee members have not embraced Uhuru-Raila handshake

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Lately storms have hit Jubilee party leaving many worried whether the party would fall to the ground in the war.

During a presser at the headquarters in Pangani, Tuju exuded confidence that the party would weather the internal wrangles witnessed in the recent past.

This comes as the 13 affiliate parties that folded to form Jubilee decide to convene a crisis meeting next week to review the situation and map their next steps.

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“What has now become known as the handshake or building bridges initiative is infidelity with what is captured in the very first page of the Jubilee Party constitution which requires every true Jubilee member to embrace the mission and vision of a Kenya for all Kenyans.

“No Kenyan should be vilified, hated, discriminated against on account of their tribe, gender or political persuasion,” he stated.

He also added that the current disquiet in the party was due to ethnic-based politics with some people yet to embrace Uhuru-Raila handshake.

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“Kenyans are ready for a more sophisticated political debate based on ideas and vision,” Tuju stated.

Acknowledging that he had received David Murathe’s resignation as Jubilee Party vice chairman, Tuju thanked him “for serving the party selflessly”.

He also noted that although Murathe’s recent remarks were divergent, he was entitled to his views and freedom of speech.

Tuju has been quoted severally terming the 2022 succession debate unnecessary, and at one time hinting that Ruto would not be Jubilee’s automatic candidate.

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