VIDEO: Top Nigerian star Wizkid shares bundles of money with fans outside a club


Top Nigerian Singer Wizkid was spotted sharing money with his fans outside a club.

The Singer is among the most influential and rich celebrities in  Nigeria and he decided to go all generous.

We have seen artists make it rain in concerts and events but this random move has impressed and equally shocked  netizenz.

How does he even get to walk with all those bundles of money? Many things come in mind.

Although a generous act, many would raise suspicion over the public parade of money.

Wizkid is worth about $12 million dollars according to Forbes and parting with a few dollars could not really be a big deal.

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Top celebrities have in many instances shared the fact that they usually feel entitled to  give back to that society.

Although some do it in different ways  the splashing of money is the most common.

In another incident, Tanzanian artist Harmonize was forced to explain why  he made money rain during the Wasafi Festival.

Harmonize said that his life depends on the support of his fans and therefore he feels the need to share the much that he has.

These might be the same sentiment for WizKid  I guess





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