Team fisi mumunyas wife and beats husband like a burukenge

Related imageI believe every Kenyan now understands the meaning of the notorious and unforgiving team mafisi. If you don’t then ask a friend. It is a term used by the young generation to define men who chase after every lady regardless of their age or status.

A 65-year-old man from Busembe ward in Funyula Constituency, Busia County is nursing injuries inflicted to the head and arms after he was clobbered to a pulp by his nephew following a vicious fight allegedly over a woman.

Wilfred Ogame, 65, says he found Denis Oundo, 42, in bed with Lydia Awinja, when he visited Awinja at her house on Monday night.Image result for team mafisi meaning

“I had knocked several times on the door, but she did not open. When I inquired which man she was hiding in the house, she decided to open the door. It is at that point that Oundo rushed out of the bedroom and descended on me with kicks and blows,” said Ogame.

“Had I not screamed for help, I would have been dead by now,” said Ogame.Image result for team mafisi meaning

The term has taken over Nairobi streets and it is well received by Nairobi men. It has become too serious that these men have formed a sacco called team Mafisi Sacco. I have tried to understand this sacco in vain. I here they also have a chairman but no man I ask has confirmed whether this is true or not.

I wanted to ask the chairman or the CEO or any official of this sacco some questions. I would like to know for how long they have been operating. Also, how many members does the sacco have. I also want to know if this sacco can offer loans to its members so that I can advise as many young men as possible to join.

Team mafisi members, what is your target goal and how are you working to reach your goal?

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