KFCB teams up with CMOs to train upcoming artists


Kenya Film Classification Board led by the CEO Ezekiel Mutua today held a meeting with the leadership of , and to explore areas of collaboration in the efforts towards ensuring that local music reflects and promotes our culture, national values and aspirations.

The Collective Management Organizations (CMOs) responsible for the collection of royalties for musicians, producers and performers.

KFCB will work together with CMOs to ensure that rights holders in the music industry make money and earn from their talents.

The KFCB Boss Ezekiel Mutua says that with proper management, music has the potential to be a huge income earner for musicians and the country in general

“Music is a powerful tool in the board’s campaign for positive social values and morality.” he said

Part of the discussion was about upcoming artists and ways in which they can promote their content.

This has been the ongoing debate even in the music industry and the Board arrived at the decision to train artists.

Mutua confirmed that KFCB will collaborate with CMOs to train upcoming artists and producers to create art that reflects the dominant values of the Kenyan people.

Kenyans believe that this initiative will propel the music industry towards greater levels.

The creative industry is known for being directly linked to the economic sector and therefore a boost in the industry will upscale the economy.

Music has also generated  jobs to many young people in the country and  with this initiative there is hope that many will benefit from their talent.


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