Impending scam? Why Kenya is heading South for buses in BRT project

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Will the BRT dream be realized soon with all the hiccups?

Kenya is now said to be looking to South Africa to import the Bus Rapid Transport buses despite the project seemingly having taking a nose dive following push and pull between the government and the stakeholders.

According to a senior government official who spoke on condition of anonymity, Scania has been a bit slow to act on shipping in the large capacity buses that were to be used for the pilot project.

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This prompted the government to go calling on South Africa, ready to import MAN buses for the project.

However, according to experts, the MAN buses were deemed not up to standard and received very little or no local support, further causing more delays.

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Kenyans have also not taken this kindly and have condemned the government for the move which has been termed as retrogressive and not well thought though since it is going to kill employment and in the end the manufacturers.

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