PHOTOS: Drivers protest in Meru amid fresh crackdown

Probox and sienta drivers protest in Meru amid fresh crackdown over claims that they are being chased by the police.

During the festive season,  Kenyans had expressed disappointment as they claimed that the road insanity was back.

Some complained  over hiked prices as they were set to travel back to their towns after the celebrations over the holidays.

Earlier today, the police are said to have started off a fresh crackdown over probox drivers.

In other parts of the country, some probox drivers are seen to still be on with the matatu business  even against the current laws.

The police were ordered to carry out a countrywide crackdown on these Probox (cars) and other private cars.

This directive was issued months ago and even emphasized during the reinstating of the Michuki rules.

Drivers might however been feeling that  some of the police officers take advantage by going to the extremes that limit them to go on with their businesses.

Although the  major concerns by the Meru drivers are still unconfirmed, probox drivers have been advised to keep up with the laws.


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