Mudavadi smells rats on DP Ruto’s invasion of western region

The Deputy President William Ruto has been in recent times a welcomed guest in the Luhya land. He has established a number of allies in the region who are pulling out extra moves to eat in the Deputy President’s pot.

But Amani National Congress leader Mudavadi has smelt a rat and has rushed to criticize the Deputy President.

“What Ruto is doing is dividing the region by picking MPs, giving them money and pretending to launch development projects in their areas to scuttle the Luhya unity so that the community does not put votes in one basket,” Mr Mudavadi said.

According to the ANC leader, some of the projects Mr Ruto is launching are either not reflected in the national budget or have not followed proper the procurement procedure.

“Let the DP desist from playing divisive politics with the people of western region. It is wrong for him to lie to Kenyans in the name of launching projects when in real sense it is mere public relations,” Mr Mudavadi said yesterday in Butere during the Tindi Mwale tournament finals.

Last month, the DP visited the region three times. His last visit was on Monday at Malinya stadium, in Ikolomani constituency, during the Idakho cultural event where he presided over a bull fighting contest.

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