How deadly gang killed catholic priest in Kinoo

It was a normal Monday morning for Fr John Njoroge of Kinoo Parish in DECEMBER 11 when the priest left his home to visit the bank and mak a deposit.

Unknown to him , his plans would not be as he had planned.

The catholic priest was shot and killed on that Monday Morning by a gang that later escaped with the Sunday offerings that he was taking to a bank.

According to Kiambu County Police Commander Adiel Nyange, Fr John Njoroge of Kinoo Parish in Kikuyu was obstructed by four men who were riding two motorcycles as he drove along a rough road.

They shot and killed him before taking away the bag that had the Sunday offerings and escaped.

“All the money he had in a bag was stolen,” Mr Nyange said.

Mr Nyange said that the gangsters, two of whom were armed with pistols, obstructed the priest who was driving a Toyota Harrier car as he navigated the rough road, forcing him to pull over.

The police boss said the gang demanded for the bag which was loaded with the money that Fr Njoroge was taking to a bank in Kikuyu Town.

After what police suspect was a confrontation, two of them brandished pistols.

One of the gangsters shot Fr Njoroge in the chest through the car’s windscreen before taking away the bag and his mobile phone.

Detectives arrived at the scene and after collecting evidence,  investigations into the incident which happened at around 8am were launched.

Police have killed he four men they claim were involved in the murder of Catholic priest in Kinoo, Kiambu two weeks ago.

The four were in a car near K1 sports club where they were planning to conduct a robbery, according to a DCI source attached to Parklands Police Station.

The source added that they had been trailing them for months and had received information about the planned K1 raid.

Two pistols and one homemade gun were found.

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