Hello 2019!!List of last Countries to usher in New year

Countries around the world are saying goodbye to 2018 and welcoming 2019 with a bang! But obviously, the New Year arrives at different times for different countries across the world.

The last  places to receive 2019 will be the tiny outlying islands of the US,Baker Island and Howland Island will greet the New Year at 12 Midday on January 1 or at least they would if any people lived there.

Below is the list of time New Year arrived around the World
  • Monday 10am – Samoa and Christmas Island/Kiribati
  • 10:15am – New Zealand
  • 1pm – Most of Austalia
  • 3pm – Japan, South Korea and North Korea
  • 4pm – China, Philippines, Singapore
  • 5pm – Thailand, Cambodia and large parts of Indonesia
  • 6pm – Bangladesh

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  • 6.15pm – Nepal
  • 6.30pm – India and Sri Lanka
  • 7pm – Pakistan
  • 8pm – Azerbaijan
  • 8.30pm – Iran
  • 9pm – Turkey, Iraq, Kenya and most of Russia
  • 10pm – Greece, Romania, South Africa, Hungary and other central and eastern European cities
  • 11pm – Germany, France, Italy, Algeria, Belgium, Spain
  • Midnight – UK, Ireland, Iceland, Portugal,Africa

  • Tuesday 2am – Regions of Brazil
  • 3am – Argentina, regions of Brazil, Chile, Paraguay
  • 4am – Some regions of Canada, Bolivia, Puerto Rico
  • 5am – Eastern Standard Time in the US – New York, Washington, Detroit and Cuba
  • 6am – Central Standard Time in the US – Chicago

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  • 7am – Mountain Standard Time in the US – Colorado, Arizona
  • 8am – Pacific Standard Time  in the US – LA, Nevada
  • 9am – Alaska
  • 10am – Hawaii
  • 11am – American Samoa
  • 12pm – Baker Island, Howland Island

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