Gideon Moi’s on 2022 plan so far, current Kenya status

Can Gideon be the man of the Rift?

Gideon Moi has been branded a key thorn in the flesh of Deputy President William Ruto especially in the Rift Valley backyard.

Speaking about his plans, the son of the second president of Kenya HE Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi explained that he has no immediate plan for 2022 presidential race however stating that this was not an issue to jump into just like that.

“I have not stated whether I want or not (2022 Presidential race)… that takes wide consultations with different players… It will manifest itself in due time. I wish the best for this country. We are a super power in East and Central Africa,” he stated.

The Bari go Senator believes that the country can be able to service the current debt but regrets that a lot of money disappears in some peoples pockets instead of being used for the right purpose; referring to the recent milliard of scandals that have rocked various dockets.

“Kenya’s debt is high. We must have an absolute tight fiscal policy. Let us utilize what we borrowed for gain and not wastage. My lowest moment in 2018 was the raw deal our farmers got at the expense of the selfishness of a few. It was absolutely appalling and it is our hope that with the new Sheriffs in town (DCI Kinoti and DPP Noordin) we are going to the bottom of this in 2019,” he added.


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