Audio: Kanyari is back again selling prayers handsomely

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Tukutane utv 8:30

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City pastor Kanyari who was once exposed for his ministries is back again.  Kanyari was years back exposed by Jicho Pevu for his con ministry that taunted his name all over.

But the exposee did not stop him, he has been running a number of other ministries. His re-rise came with a new name after he changed his name to Bishop Mwangi. That was seen a strategy of re-branding.

He has also been on the limelight flaunting his riches including his mansion and also showing bundles of money through his social media platforms.

His latest criticisms was when appeared to threaten his social media followers for posting negative comments on his timeline.

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Little knowledge is dangerous……..

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But he is now back officially to the radio selling prayers. Yesterday Pastor Kanyari was on Radio Jambo preaching the gospel. But during  prayer time , pastor Kanyari is heard requesting ksh. 500 from the listeners in order to pray for them. He promises them doing that will heal all their tribulations.

His ‘panda mbegu ministry’ has since increased from ksh. 310 – ksh. 500. His gospel is not for free.

Listen to the audio below:

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