Why Kenya might be kicked out of international coffee market

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Kenya risks being suspended from international Coffee Market as the country coffee has not neen able to reach 1% of the world productions.

Director of  Nuf Coffee Company Faith Karimi  said that coffee production in the country was dwindling very fast and thus sending a signal to the International Coffee Market which has laws that stipulate that any country that does not produce 1percent of the coffee produce worldwide ought to be stopped from trading coffee.

Karimi added that the country’s coffee production stood at 42,000 metric tones down from 142, 000 metric tonnes which had placed the country on the coffee market.

She said that plans were underway to sensitize coffee farmers to embark on it production so that the country still retains it trading license by surpassing the 1% mark.

Kenya risks being kicked out of international coffee market: experts

Speaking to farmers in Njukiri showground Karimi advised farmers to start single stem coffee farming where they (farmers) plant one stem and tend to. This according to her will increase the productions.

She further claimed that a team of experts are going to be sent to the over 24 counties to try and teach the farmers on how best they can improve their coffee farming to boost their produce and ensure their quality is the best.

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