Scientist invents a spray that spreads suicide

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The efforts of the scientist to discover solutions to almost all of the worlds problem cannot be overlooked. The scientist are always busy trying to find solutions to various life problems.

Suicide has been one of the world problems. Most people all over the globe sometimes chose to end their lives in most mysterious ways.

The causes of suicide are so many. Some are associated with most life difficulties such as depression, use of dugs among other pressures in life.

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Most governments are against the action of suicide. It is against the rule of life of many states. Due to its illegibility most of people have always tried to come up with solutions to curb this menace.

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But it is a sigh of relief as scientists have come to the rescue of the earth. They are in the process of inventing a spray that when one inhales it helps reduce the chances of people committing suicide.

Here is the video

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