Bus driver on the spot for packing on the passengers lane

A City Hoppa bus driver is on the spot for packing on  the passengers lane. Vigilant Kenyans have been keen to point out  drivers that are found on the wrong side of the law.

Incase you think that you can easily get away with  the simple mistakes ince traffic police are on that region then you might as well think twice because the police now have eyes everywhere.

In another reported incident which happened in Rwanda,A driver caught on camera speaking over the phone while driving had to pay a heavy fine for risking the lives of passengers.

The Rwandan police said that a concerned citizen wrote to the  reporting the driver who was on phone and shared a video.

The police immediately intervened and  stopped the driver and fined him. They also encouraged each one to emulate this mode of fact-based reporting.

This mode of reporting has since taken root even in the country  ever since the crackdown and Interior CS Fred Matiangi gave orders that Kenyans should not be afraid to record rogue drivers or police officials who tend  take advantage of them.

This has since paid off as many Kenyans have now woken up to stand in the gap instead of complaining of the faults and wrongdoings.

The tables have turned into a fight for justice and standing for what is right

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