Christmas in darkness..Alarm over transformer theft in Kajiado!

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Christmas in some regions in Kenya came with lots of drama with the likes of toddlers paying the consequence of a drinking spree that was too important to watch over a child’s safety.

Now reports of nonfatal drama in Kajiado are also raising eyebrows at the state of Kenya.Residents of Imaroro, Kajiado county, have raised concerns following a rise in theft of transformers during the festive season.

The latest case at Lesoit Primary School on Wednesday brings the number of transformers stolen to seven within a radius of 20 km in a month.

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Mashuuru OCPD Paul Cheruyiot on Thursday said Kenya Power officers have recorded statements.

He said investigations have began.

“What is shocking us is the fact that most of those stolen transformer parts happened near homes and institutions where people live,” Cheruyiot said.

He urged residents to report suspicious activity to chiefs.

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“Chiefs and police are working hand in hand to ensure culprits are arrested. For now, the security team and KPLC officers are on the lookout as the investigations continue,” Cheruyiot said.

Residents said only four transformers remain and called for tightened security.

They appealed to the police to erect road blocks on all the routes leading out of Imaroro ward.

Nominated Senator Mary Seneta urged police to beef up security.

“We are also telling KPLC to replace the vandalised transformers and have their own security team on the ground which will work with the police to ensure safety of their property,” she said.

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