How DP Ruto’s plan to meet former President Moi without Gideon failed terribly

Nick Salat

Ruto is a man known to be living the life of an optimist, or one naturally filled with hope.

In may this year the deputy president left his duties and  flew to Kabarak without his security detail, but in the company of Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter, Ainabkoi MP William Chepkut and lawyer Stephen Kipkenda.

Sources said Ruto flew unannounced to Kabarak airstrip within the former president’s farm in Nakuru County at around 11.50am.

A source close to the former president disclosed to the Nation that Mr Ruto wanted to meet Mzee Moi in the absence of Senator Moi, a request that was denied.

Given that there were no prior arrangements, there was nobody at hand to receive the DP. And since there was no car either, the Deputy President and his team had to walk to Moi’s compound.Image result for raila uhuru moi

Ruto was unable to meet Moi in what was termed a clash of engagements. His arrival coincided with the time the ex-President was undergoing a routine physical exercise with his doctors.
The entourage was welcomed for lunch, but left when it became apparent they would not see their host. The guests were told they could make an appointment to see the former president another day.

“Unfortunately, this coincided with the time Mzee Moi was undergoing routine physical exercise with his doctors. Mzee Moi agreed to meet the visitors at convenient time another day in the very near future,” a statement from the office of the former President read in part.

Sources close to the Baringo senator have revealed that efforts by the Kalenjin Council of Elders to reconcile Deputy President William Ruto with Kanu Chairman Gideon Moi might be thrown into disarray after Kanu Secretary-General Nick Salat asked the DP to apologise to the Moi family.Image result for raila uhuru moi

“I call upon Senator Moi to apologise for humiliating the Deputy President. We know he is behind all this,” said Mr Cheruiyot.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader Raila Odinga have in the past separately visited Moi, but their visits were elaborately planned in consultation with the former president’s office.
However , Nakuru County Jubilee Party secretary-general Peter Cheruiyot accused Mr Gideon of frustrating Mr Ruto’s efforts to meet the retired president in May this year when the deputy president made a private visit to the former head of state.

Will Moi forgive Ruto?

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