PHOTOS: Controversial Prophet Owour rumoured to own ksh340million mansion in Runda



Controversial Prophet Awour is rumoured to own a house worth 340million  nearing completion. Online sources reveal that this could be the most expensive mansion in East Africa.

Blogger Abraham Mutai has given details saying that  It has an underground bunker with state of art security features.

He also claims that the building is not at Kibera or Korogosho but RUNDA financed by his ‘poor followers’

The prophet is said to be among the wealthiest preachers and is famously known for his miracles and  prophecies.

Although many claim he is false prophet, he seemingly has a huge following and branches of his ministry across different parts of the country.

Kenyans have weighed in over these claims asking the blogger what his problem is and whether he has made any contribution over the same.

Some however claim that this could be how people easily get brain washed to enrich the lives of others.

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