Hate Mongers and Violence Perpetrators in Narok Now on the State’s Radar

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They say that where there is smoke there is certainly fire.

Smoke was for long seeing coming out of Narok South but no action was taken to see what really caused that smoke. The smoke has now turned into flames that is burning the people of Narok South.

A once peaceful region has now been turned to a battlefield with residents going up in arms against each other.

Politicians have been accused of allegedly fueling and funding the Violence in this area with the government now moving with speed to take action before the situation gets any worse.

The government is investigating politicians allegedly inciting fresh violence in Narok South that led to the death of one person and five others injured over the weekend.

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Interior Chief Administrative Secretary Patrick ole Ntutu said they have deployed heavy security in the area to restore peace.

“We are investigating some politicians who could be behind the current tension in the area. They were no reasons to fight against each other because the missing cow was found,” said Ntutu.

He added that they would be no ‘sacred cow’ in the investigations whether from the Maasai and Kipsigis communities.

“When the violence started, I called the area chief and told him the tribal clashes started as a result of the missing cow. I promised them that I would personally donate another heifer to compensate the missing one so that it can reduce the tension,” he said.

The affected areas are Ololoipangi, Nkoben and Oloruasi.

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It is suspected that the violence might have started when one cow was stolen by cattle rustlers and prompted the other community to revenge by attacking them on Friday.

“We will not allow when our security teams are working hard to contain the situation, some politicians are undermining these efforts,” he said.

He called on the residents to remain calm as the government have deployed the GSU officers, Rapid Deployment Unit and other security officers to quell the situation.

Ntutu’s statement comes when Narok County Commissioner George Natembeya issued an order restricting movement in the area until peace returns.

What should the Government do to find a long lasting solution to the standoff in Narok South?

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