Mzee is an OX: Gideon Moi Gives Updates On His Father’s Condition


We all love our Parents don’t we? Well, Baringo Senator Gideon Moi is no exception.

The love and affection between the Senator and his father is something that is well known by majority of Kenyans with the Senator often taking highly of his aging father.

Moi was during the Jamuhuri Day celebrations admitted at Nairobi hospital for what his family termed as routine check-up.

Gideon has now confirmed that his father has indeed been hopsitalised, but is hopeful he will get better soon.

Speaking during the Kabarak University graduation ceremony on Friday, Gideon emphasised on the need for young people to respect and appreciate their parents.

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“Mzee, the Chancellor, was admitted to hospital but he is getting better and we are confident God is taking care of him because of your prayers. We are very hopeful that in the next few days he will be back with us at home,” he said

“Every time I meet my father I don’t think of him as President Moi, it doesn’t matter to me that he was Kenya’s President for 24 years, or that he was powerful or important. What really matters to me is that he is my father, which is the greatest title a man on earth can earn.” he added.

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Gideon, who serves as the university’s pro-chancellor, described Moi as a “lovely man with his own strengths and weakness, a man who makes good decisions, and sometimes makes mistakes”.

He further praised his father for guiding and providing him with the best education.

“Graduates, be grateful to your parents. You will never know the hidden sacrifices that they made for you.Today you stop being a dependant and a burden to your parents, but a provider, you will be their social security, health insurance and in due course, you will become their parents,” Gideon said.

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