MPs grooming themselves to be most powerful in running of the state

The Kenyan MPs have never stopped surprising for their demands. Not only do they need higher pecks despite being among the highest paid in the entire universe, but right now they are also craving for power.

But can we trust our MPs with power, or they can sale off the country to the highest bidder?

MPs are pushing to have greater say — in fact, the last word in the procurement and award of major projects by the national government.

A resolution proposed by the Budget and Appropriations Committee and has been adopted by the House. It requires that any contract worth more than Sh1 billion should be pre-approved by Parliament.

This requirement, as Treasury CS Henry Rotich told lawmakers yesterday, violates the principle of separation of powers among the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary.

After approving the budget, Parliament should give the Executive space to implement the approved budget. Already, the MPs have a lot on their plates. They should stop pushing to control everything.

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Demanding that lawmakers have the final say on projects introduces another unnecessary layer of bureaucracy. This can easily delay project implementation. Further, there are increasing cases of MPs being compromised and allegations of bribe-taking. Thus, giving them more discretion in procurement and award of major projects will easily create a fresh avenue for graft.

But how can we entrust them with that yet the few powers they have what comes forth is corruption after the other?

That is liking leaving the meat in a park of hyenas. Nothing will be found just carcass. If the MPs gain the powers the state will be reduced to a carcass nothing to be proud of as a national heritage. Corruption will eat out everything.

What ordinary Mwananchi will see is high end cars and the Hollywood lifestyles while they are languishing in poverty.

That is unacceptable. Do you agree with me?

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