Jose Mourinho’s feedback on Manchester United’s defeat, Premier League Legend Michael Owen: Paul Pogba could be better at Liverpool, City

After losing 2-1 against La Liga club Valencia, Manchester United were made to settle for second place in Champions Group H, entering the knockout stages in the Champions League.

According to Manchester United football club, Jose Mourinho reflected on the team’s defeat against Valencia, feeling that his team improved immediately in the second half after two changes despite starting the second half with an own goal giving Valencia a better position to control the match.

“Normally, I’m not the luckiest guy in the draws but, as I was saying now, the best 16 teams in Europe and there are six possibilities. I think an English club [Tottenham] and Juventus are in this draw, plus the six clubs who are top in Europe, but Old Trafford will enjoy getting one of the biggest clubs in Europe for a big match in the last 16.”That is how Mourinho talked about the last-16 draw. Also, he said that he didn’t learn anything from this game.

Paul Pogba missed a great chance of scoring a goal in the game against Valencia. Premier League Legend Michael Owen thinks Paul Pogba would be a world class player if he was playing under Pep Guardiola or Jurgen Klopp.

“I’m of the opinion that he is totally world class playing in a certain team in a certain way,” Former Manchester United Owen told BT Sport.

“I get very frustrated watching him because I know he’s better than what we see week in week out.

“I think he makes so many bad decisions in games, which is frustrating because if he was playing as he should… if he was playing under a Guardiola or a Klopp or someone like that I think we’d be looking at certainly one of the best few players in the world, but at the moment we can’t say that.”

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