Sany!!King of demolition is set to have a date with grand manor hotel

If you thought demolition of ill fated buildings was over,you are totally wrong our brother Sany is set for a  Christmas date in Gigiri.

A court has approved the demolition of Grand Manor Hotel which is located in the upmarket area of Gigiri.

Nairobi County Government was given the go-ahead to demolish the multi-million facility following the ruling that it posed a security threat to the adjacent United Nations offices.

The hotel owned by businessman Praful Kumar hit headlines in August this year when the proprietor was arrested by EACC officials in Kilifi County.

Reports indicated that Kumar was intending to bribe Governor Mike Sonko to dissuade him from demolishing the controversial pr

Grand Manor Hotel is located at the heart of a neighborhood populated by foreign embassies.

To begin with, the hotel is located opposite the US Embassy and the United Nations head offices on the other side.

A short distance away is the High Commission of Botswana on its left and on the right is the Embassy of Morocco stretching to its backyard.

The strategic location and proximity to the embassies has fueled the push to have it brought down as some of the embassies threatened to move their bases from Nairobi if the matter was not resolved.

In particular, the foreign missions have in the past written to the Nairobi County government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to protest its construction.

Besides, the Gigiri Village Association had filed a complaint in July 2015, lamenting that the commercial structure violated physical planning regulations for the low-density estate.

Despite these protests, however, construction of the multi-million facility went on to completion and was about to open the doors to its clients.

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