Kenyatta directs the judiciary to shun Impunity


President Uhuru Kenyatta has today sent a stern warning to the Judiciary asking them not to allow being used to promote impunity.

Ever since the government declared war on corruption, the President has commended the DPP and DCI on the arrests and follow up of criminal activities.

Kenyans however have pointed fingers at the judiciary in many instances saying that the arrests make no sense if the judiciary is full of corrupt officials who cripple the cases.

The cases are also frustrated by taking so long before the final ruling is done.

The common phrase ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’ is the main lamentation point from Kenyans.

During Kenyatta’s speech today at the Nyayo Stadium, Kenyatta said that the war on corruption is still on and has gone even deeper.

“The fight against graft and drug lords should  be intensified and also urged the Judiciary not to be used to entrench impunity in Kenya.

“Our political class has to step up and focus on the people and on keeping them united by practicing politics of uniting Kenyans against our common enemy that is poverty, ignorance and disease” he said

Kenyatta said that through the efforts of  investigative agencies and the office of the DPP individuals who may have thought they were untouchable are now facing the full force of the law.

The President sent a stern warning to state officials who are involved in abuse of office as he said that this time,the broom that is sweeping across the nation will soon find its way to their door steps.

Far from his remarks, what remains clear is that Kenyans want action taken and have expressed their concern on hearing fruitless promises.

With this directive, the Judiciary is on the spot and must honor the orders to ensure that the system is fixed and corrupt officials exposed.

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