The Kenyan tale of the Cancer Nightmare

As cancer continues to be one of the disease that could eat up even the soul, Kenyans have narrated the experience of the torture that comes with it.

Not just the patient but even your closer circle gets to feel the pain. It is biting and as the chances of survival remain minimal, with treatment almost not affordable by the common Kenyan.

From the therapies to the drugs; I have heard stories of people’s bank accounts being milked dry in the efforts to save a life.

Although the government is said to have made efforts to ensure Kenyans get proper and effective cancer therapy, there is still an out cry.

Some Kenyans have to buy the drugs beyond the borders for instance from India since it is said to be affordable. Beyond drugs, many have had to travel for treatment after being disappointed by the medical practitioners.

The reality is quite sickening , being unable to get treatment in your own country has never made sense and it comes to worse in cases an individual cannot afford to raise the fund for the medical trip.

One lady online made a plea to Kenyans who have links with an Indian source that can help her get the drugs. Tinnah Gathoni said that they had missed 10 days of cancer medicine ad she needed urgent help.

Kenyans in response tried to give suggestions of what could work and even called out to the Kenya Airport to offer their hand.

With DHL and if you have a prescription the medicine will take 2 days to get here. Duties and Taxes with a prescription will only be 700/=

These were among the suggestions that Kenyans gave and maybe it worked.

This could only be one instance but it got me thinking of the bigger hustle that Kenyans have to go through to stay alive with this monster ailment.

What do you think the government should do to improve cancer treatment in Kenya?

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