K24 pumps millions into Betty Kyalo’s debut show

Is this investment by K24 worth it?

K24 is determined to take a share of the weekend viewership from competing stations as the DSM Place stations introduces form KTN anchor Betty Kyalo on Friday 7th December evening. 

The TV station has been running a # on twitter over a planned mysterious high profile guest into the show that starts tonight with Kenyans kept on suspence on who exactly oin the guest but the investment that has gone into the planning is clearly high as evidenced in photos shared from JKIA.

The convoy of the Mysterious VIP set to grace the show set off from the JKIA earlier and headed into the Kempinsky Hotel from where the rest of the schedule will be announced later in the afternoon. With the involvement of police, it is clear that K24 is willing to make a statement despite being treated as an underdog compared to some other competitors like KTN, Nation and Citizen.

Kenyans have been quick to jump on to the # and expressed their anxiety as they wait to see how Kyalo starts off at the new home after qutting K24 in a huff a few months go. This Friday will mark her first appearance on TV after she quit from  being a KTN news anchor and the [parent company Media Max has made a bid deal out of it creating a hype that has taken over social media and left tongues wagging especially after the announcement that Betty will be hosting a mysterious guest.



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