Waliogopa sana! Reprieve as MPs Postpone Plans to Increase their salaries

Members of Parliament have shelved the bid for higher perks after President Uhuru Kenyatta warned that he would not sign the Bill if passed.

The Parliamentary Service Bill, 2018 was scheduled to be passed on Thursday before breaking for the Christmas season.

However, it was not mentioned during the day’s business and as such will be brought up again in February 2018 when the House is back in session.

In the bill, the MPs are seeking house allowances, car loans and insurance covers to add to their Kshs1.2 Million monthly salary.

The bill further seeks to give the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) powers to determine the perks of the 416 members of the National Assembly and the Senate, as well as their two Speakers.

Reacting to the document on Wednesday, Uhuru, not mincing his words, urged the leaders to focus on service delivery rather than enriching themselves.

He lashed out at MPs, “I have to say this, and I know many people will get angry with me. There are some things people (MPs) are trying to pass in the assembly (yet) what I have heard wananchi saying is that they are tired of this behaviour by MPs of always increasing their salaries.

“Even if you (MPs) hate me I will not retreat, and if you bring it (the bill) I will not sign it,” he stated at Ndumeri Stadium in Kiambu county.

He added that people were yearning for more development and solutions that would improve their livelihoods.

“We must stop politicking every day and come together as leaders to build our nation and to ensure we deliver to our people that which we promised them when they elected us,” he stated.

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