Diamond’s new catch not moved by the trolls

Tanzanians, just like Kenyans happen to be of the trolling habit and ever since Diamond Platinumz announced that he finally found the girl of his dreams, no one seems to give them the peace.

From comparisons with exes to attacks saying that the only thing she might end up getting is a baby and that will be a closed case.

Although the two have publicly declared their love with Diamond Platinumz even making wedding arrangements, it is clear that the love birds have decided to take their relationship to another level.

It is however not clear when the two started dating but it seems like things have heightened quite fast.

In  the latest grapevine, Tanzanians claim that Tanasha is not as pretty as Diamond’s baby Mama Zari Hassan.

Not that it is a competition but clearly the world is full of people who just hate for no reason.

Tanasha Donna on her Instastory said that she is not even bothered by what people think about her.

No matter how savage it may seem, the Kenyan radio presenter says that she is not moved by any of the trolls.

Celebrity relationships are always  in the limelight as many people always want to know what happens even under the sheet

Things that do not even concern them. Yet they poke their noses everywhere.

Diamond made it clear that he now wants to settle and will be married in 2019. The bride and groom to be are in agreement and I can say not even the trolls can break true love.


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