Exposed! The Untold Dirty and corrupt side of ‘Messiah’ Boniface Mwangi

Boniface Mwangi has always made us believe that he is the messiah who will save Kenyans from corruption and poor leadership. With his #Ispeakcourage tag, Mwangi has exposed numerous corruption cases.

He has been arrested and humiliated by the police because of his courage to speak against the powers that be. For most Kenyans, Mwangi is a hero, a man to be emulated. He is a model of what leadership should be always about.

But it seems, Mwangi has got some secrets. Dirty secrets, which he never wished could come out. Mwangi ameanikwa vibaya sana. Hii ni mtego hawezijitoa.

It is believed that Mwangi owns a green Land Cruiser vehicle which he illegally obtained from the government at a throw away price of sh. 36,000.

Now, I understand that Kenyans have a lot of propaganda and  the fact that Mwangi has many enemies means that this could just be someone who has been send to finish him. We could assume that.

But Boniface Mwangi’s response to this allegations been far from satisfactory. He admits that indeed he drives a Green Land cruiser but it is not his.

He says it belongs to a ‘friend’, someone he doesn’t want to reveal. So his friend gave him a four wheeler for three good years?

Another worrying issue about the response is how he tells Asamoah to report to the EACC and DCI for investigations. We both know Mwangi is a social media activist.

He is always on Twitter and Facebook telling Kenyans to be courageous. So why has he never gone to the DCI and EACC with his exposes.

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