Detectives recover firearm from Kayole gang

Insecurity in the country is on the rise and the detectives are working towards ensuring that safety for the ‘mwananchi’ is prioritize.

A video that went viral a couple weeks ago, showed a CCTV footage of teens robbing a shop and holding what seems to have been a gun.

Although the details were scanty, Kenyans have been warned to report any suspicion or any cases as such.

In other news, Detectives working on info, today afternoon approached a gang of 2 armed men robbing members of the public in Kayole.

They challenged them to stop & surrender but instead they fired at the officers. Detectives returned fire & fatally injured 1 gangster.  A Pistol & 1 round Recovered.

The other gangsters escaped but is being sought by Detectives to face the full wrath of the law.

This comes a  day after Matiangi issued a directive saying that also civilian gun holders will have to go through fresh vetting.

CS Interior Fred Matiangi also gave an ultimatum  of 90 days  as from December 17, 2018, the Board has announced that it will begin a 90-day rigorous verification exercise Of all firearms cenificates in the country in full exercise Of its reasonable discretion and mandate.

This move comes from a point of deep  concern by the procedural improprieties that have crept into the oversight of gun ownership and use by private citizens.

In a statement, by the ministry of interior and coordination, they stated that lapses in the licensure Of firearms dealers, civilian holders, and shooting range owners have led to the illegal possession, transfer, misuse, and trafficking of such weapons posing major threats to national and regional security.

Pistol and bullets laying on table

Civilians have been warned that after the March 17, 2019 deadline, all firearms un-vetted certificates held by civilians will be considered expired and thus invalid.

Any private citizen In possession of a firearm or ammunition without certification under the new regime will be deemed to have acquired it illegally, a crime punishable by imprisonment and other penalties provided for in the firearms Act.

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