Why Nairobi residents are tired of their Governor

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The game of politics is really a dirty one and one that only the brave and swift can survive in. It was said that people will always be quick to point out the mistakes you make but no one will ever remember the good you have done.

This could easily be the story of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko who has in the past few days felt the wrath of Nairobi residents after he attempted to ban matatus from accessing the Central Business District.


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In as much as we might not like to admit it, Governor Sonko has done a lot for Nairobi county and her residents ever since he took office in August last year. In fact, the Governor has in the recent past been praised by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) for fighting corruption in City Hall which was at an all-time high when Evans Kidero was in office.


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However, it seems like not everyone recognizes the efforts by the Governor as a Nairobi lawyer has today moved to court seeking orders to declare Mike Sonko unfit to hold public office. The lawyer wants the court to bar the governor from transacting any county business until their case is heard and determined.

Mr. Nyamu listed over 10 reasons to support his claims arguing that the Governor has verbally assaulted an MCA, recorded private phone calls and refused to nominate a deputy governor among other accusations. He now wants the court to declare that Governor Sonko has engaged in different acts of gross misconduct that are insulting to the people he serves.


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According to Nyamu, Sonko has violated the obligations conferred to him under the Constitution, which he says is against the constitutional rights of the people of Nairobi county.

“The governor is, therefore, unfit to hold any public office paving way for fresh gubernatorial election in Nairobi,” the petition reads in part.


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In September, Jubilee MCAs had planned to impeach Sonko but later backed down after they did not find compelling reasons to remove the Governor from office.

The governor was also ordered to relocate from his home in Machakos to Nairobi. He was further asked to appoint a deputy governor for the county, stop the demolition of kiosks and recall the officers he had suspended.


Do you think it is possible to impeach the Nairobi Governor?

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