Blow to Mps as President Kenyatta vows not to assent Parliamentary Service Bill

Shock to the Members of Parliament as President Kenyatta has today said that he will not assent to  the Parliamentary Service Bill 2018, which proposes more benefits for MPs.

The President said that leaders should be more concerned about changing the lives of their constituents, rather than enriching themselves.

“As leaders, we should not be more concerned about how to bring more wealth to ourselves, but should instead prioritize the needs of our people. Every leader has a responsibility to uplift the lives of the millions of Kenyans who look up to us as their leaders & representatives.” he said

These statements come  when Kenyatta was addressing Kiambu residents after he made  a stop over at Wangige Trading Center, Kiambu County. Kenyatta publicly assured citizens that he will not side with the Members of Parliament on this matter.

Kenyans  had reacted to this proposal saying that this  is more than greed from the leaders. Members of parliament never seem to be content and will always want more. That is the  perception that Kenyans have in regard to the proposal.

President Kenyatta insisted that what Kenyans are yearning for is more development that benefits them directly, solutions that will help them progress.

“We must stop politicking everyday & come together as leaders to build our nation & to ensure we deliver to our people that which we promised them when they elected us.” he said

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