Why MCAs greeted one another with blows

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An ODM politician found himself on the receiving end of some hefty blows following a Facebook post that stirred up anger among his colleagues.

Karen MCA David Mberia was assaulted by a fellow politician during a committee meeting in Mombasa on Saturday.

The altercation was the culmination of a Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chairmanship row where Mberia announced via Facebook that he had been appointed to the seat by the party leader Raila Odinga.

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“It is my great pleasure to express my profound gratitude to my ODM party leader Raila Odinga, and the entire party leadership for appointing me the Public Accounts Committee chairman (PAC) Nairobi City county assembly,” his FB post read in part.

The post suggested that Mberia had been appointed to replace the current PAC chairman Wilfred Odalo.

In retaliation to the announcement, Odalo pounced on the Karen MCA the moment he walked into a committee meeting on Saturday.

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David Mberia

Speaking on the incident, Mberia stated “I had just arrived for the meeting and when I greeted the chairman. He responded with blows on my nose and eyes.”

According to the Karen MCA, none of the other colleagues intervened as he was being assaulted. He broke his nose and bled profusely in the attack.

Giving his account of the incident, Odalo described it as a ‘small confrontation’ terming Mberia’s move as one meant to disrupt the committee.

“By posting on Facebook that he was the chairman of this committee is a gross conduct. That cannot be taken lightly. You cannot wake up one day and say you are the chairman,” he was quoted by the Star.

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Nairobi County Assembly PAC chair Wilfred Odalo (right) with members Moses Ogeto (left) and Charles Thuo

Else where several people have been hospitalised in Bungoma after chaos broke out between two warring factions in Sirisia constituency.

Trouble started when police blocked politician Moses Nandalwe from assessing the venue of a funds drive for boda boda riders at Mayuba stadium.

Incensed youth in his entourage tried to force their way into the stadium and they clashed with a rival group.

Police used live bullets and teargas to disperse the youths who fought back for the better part of the afternoon.

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