Vera Sidika hints how much she earns from new TV deal

It has only been a week since the announcement that Vera Sidika will be hosting the new dating show in town Hello Mr Right.

Vera Sidika has shared the progress of what they have done so far and what they have achieved.

The Tv host says that it has been a crazy week since they have already shot  12 episodes in only 4 days. Seems like they will not be shooting more for a while.

“Thank God we are done can’t wait to go on a vacay! The ‘Nalia’ Singer is currently on her way to Mombasa with team Sauti sol ahead of the an event which will be held in Mombasa tonight.

Vera Sidika will be the host of the Danka All white event  which will be held in the Danka Lounge Mtwapa.

The singer hinted that this TV show is a great deal for her and is worth the strain.

7am to midnight for 5 days is not a joke but when you look at that cheque it’s all worth it she says.

Seems like she is earning big from this new signed deal.

Rumors have it that the show will premiere in December. Hello Mr. Right will be a dating show that will focus on connecting potential mates and partners on the program.

The new show will be aired on the Star Times app and also on their main set-top box.

Vera Sidika has always been a multi talented lady who is always looking out to grow herself and her business.

Go where the money is .. this is Vera Sidika’s description in one sentence. The lady has her beauty palour business and recently joined in the music industry.

The multi tasking woman is maximizing her potential to the fullest and this is quite impressive to her fans. The controversial socialite is among the most influential  entertainers and this deal surely suits her.


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