Hilarious TT: You know you’re a parent if…

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Most people say that having a baby changes you. Most people dispute this fact until they get children and they realize that there certain things that you used to do that you no longer can or there are things that you need to start doing.


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For example, most parents have confessed to the fact that, before they had children, they could get ready and leave the house and get ready in under an hour. However when they baby is in the picture, an everyday routine includes packing a diaper bag, changing and feeding the baby and loading him or her into the car. Surely, you can’t have this done in less than an hour.

The Twitter streets are buzzing with a hilarious trending topic, #YouKnowYouAreAParentIf

If you’re a parent, this hashtag will have you nodding in agreement or laughing off your seat.



There you have it dear parent. Are any of these relatable? At least you now know that you’re not alone.

What’s that one thing that makes you know you’re a parent, well except having a child of course.

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