Hamisa Mobetto’s narrates her journey as a Fashion Model


Ever had a dream you wanted to chase so bad but  the environment around you makes you doubt that you can do it?

Well that is exactly what happened to Tanzanian beauty Hamisa Mobetto who has to change the narrative and go for what she had desired.

The Tanzanian Singer and model today narrated her story of how her big dreams finally came true despite people having no faith in her.

The singer revealed that she had the interest of becoming a model but at some point she had to bow to the negative energy and agree that it was impossible and she should never try it again.


She shared her story after she was today awarded as the Female Stylist of the Year in the Swahili Fashion Week.

Hamisa Mobetto a couple weeks ago took part in the excessive fashion 2018 and managed to steal the hearts of many by her skills and the fact that she lit the runway in District Hall Sea Port.

She also revealed that when she was younger she always had the dream to be a fashionista or a super model but many of her friends discouraged her and made her feel like it was impossible.

“When I was in school I had the dream to be a fashionista or a model but I never had someone to guide me or help me get to my dreams. Some of my friends knew about this talent but did not think it was possible because at that point I was plump and by then a model needed to be slender.” reads post in part

PHOTO/COURTESY Hill Zhou Photography

Narrating her failure Hamisa says that there was a time a friend of hers suggested that she should go for Swahili fashion week  and even after she modeled with all her passion  and enthusiasm  she was not selected among the best.

This broke her heart and she never thought that she would ever chase that dream again. ” I cried and went back home..”she added

Today however she is happy that finally she has lived her dream. That is the much that the award means to her and even so the fact that she got the opportunity to be on the runway excessive fashion 2018  is pretty mind blowing.

PHOTO/COURTESY Hill Zhou Photography

For her she says that her story is about a small girl with a big God and she encourages her fans that everything is possible.

Do you have any big dreams? Go forth and chase them. You can do it.

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