Nonsense!! Joshua Kutuny Clears the Air on Alleged involvement in Ruto’s ICC Case

Is there a connection between the Maize Scandal and the DP William Ruto’s ICC cases? Apparently there is, this is according to a former ICC suspect named William Rono.

Rono said that Joshua Kutuny and other members of parliament from the Rift Valley like Alfred Keter were coming up with all manner of allegations against the deputy President as part of a scheme to undercut Ruto’s presidential ambitions in 2022.

According to Rono, Kutuny is a among a group of powerful people that are working round the clock to have Ruto back at the Hague.

Kutuny dismissed the allegation and said it was a “desperate fight back by cartels involved in the maize and fertilizer scandals”.

“Let them pay farmers and deal with the issues we raised. Such claims on ICC issues are just but tears from the cartels who are feeling the heat for frustrating farmers and stealing from the NCPB,” he said.

The MP described the allegations as “nonsense” and said he would not be cowed from speaking on the rights of farmers.

Rono, who spoke to journalists in Eldoret on Thursday, claimed he was among former witnesses who had been approached by Kutuny and “other operatives” to fix the DP by claiming Ruto had interfered with witnesses to cripple the ICC cases.

“I am among three former witnesses approached by Kutuny and Harambee House operatives to go back to ICC and fix the DP over claims of witness tampering,” he said.

Rono said recent statements by Bensouda that she was gathering fresh evidence in the Kenyan cases came because of the fresh efforts by Kutuny and others at Harambee house to fix the DP ahead of 2022.

“As former witnesses, we have rejected that plan and that is why Kutuny and his colleagues have been coming up with all manner of claims against the DP,” he said.

Rono said the call by a group of MPs for Ruto to be probed over the maize issue was part of a wider scheme to undercut Ruto’s presidential ambitions in 2022.

Kutuny and his colleagues have, however, threatened to spill more details on the maize and fertiliser scandals.

“We did not come out on this matter just for the sake of it, but we know what is happening and we have full details which we will give at the right time,” Kutuny, the Cherangany MP, said.

Do you think that Joshua Kutuny is just being used as a sacrificial lamb in this ICC matter?

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