“Man of all drama” Willy Paul battles with online hatred


Willy Paul is one of the gospel artists that has been yoked in controversy and one of the reasons why it is never over is because he initially entertained these trolls and acted all comfortable in that space. To the extent of him exchanging words with some of his fans.

In my opinion, the best medicine to online trolls is simply remaining silent and ignoring some of these comments. Even easier to block the haters to avoid seeing the savage comments that prophecy doom in other people’s lives.

Willy Paul, has been having serious battles with his fans  and yesterday things went out of control after Kenyans  spread fake news saying that Willy Paul had been rushed to hospital after alleging that he was overdosed with sex stimulant drugs.

Willy Paul however rubbished these claims saying that he was well and whoever started the rumor will  have to face the fire.

Last week Willy Paul was on the trends after fans were unimpressed by his new song ‘Sikireti’

Haters had revealed that  the song was garbage and did not understand what the singer’s message was.

In a month the artist has been given doses of trolls that it got me thinking he might be the most controversial artist in Kenya.

What is the intention of these haters? Willy Paul believes that they just plan to ruin his name and hold him back from achieving greater things.

In a year, Willy Paul has had too much drama that one fans have advised him to stay lowkey. About two weeks ago, Willy Paul’s video went viral after he was alleged to have acted violently to a girl and beat her up.

Willy Paul cleared the air saying that he had only broken his sister’s phone out of anger after a slight disagreement.

From violence, to showing off money, to the online trolls,collabo with secular artists, are some of the allegations that have heightened the controversy.  Willy Paul must have had quite a year yet he remains hopeful.

The controversy continues to pile as Willy Paul revealed that he has had enough and people have taken thing out of hand.

He had yesterday asked fans to stop hating and instead appreciated each other.

Although Kenyans might not see this now, the hurtful savage trolls might be doing serious damage on the artist although he comes of as a strong man.

Kenyans should also spread love instead of engaging in hate speech  over their fellow Kenyans. Being nice doe not cost anything and sometimes silence is way better that garbage reactions.

It is of no gain to taint another’s name and despite all this drama whether real or based on rumors. Supporting each other can be of more gain.

What do you think about Kenyan’s attitude towards Willy Paul?

What action can be taken to end the cyber bullying?


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