Good news for school in Mwiki as State reclaims grabbed land

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How greedy must you be to steal land that is meant for school children? Finally some action has been taken against land grabbers and hopefully, this is the first of many.

The State has now taken over 8.8 acres of land in Mwiki, Kasarani area that were allegedly grabbed from a school and sold to unsuspecting private investors. The National Land Commission (NLC) has since revoked the land title 8469/4/7 and directed the land to revert back to the school, a decision which will affect unsuspecting buyers.


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Mwiki Company Limited, the land buying and selling company which claims ownership, has now moved to High Court to challenge NLC’s decision arguing that it had acquired the property legally.

“The applicant Mwiki Co Ltd be granted leave to apply for an order of prohibition to prohibit the respondent, the National Land Commission, its servants, agents or in any manner whatsoever from interfering with the ex-parte applicant’s property comprised and known as LR No 8469/4/7,” reads order sought by the firm.

Mr Robert Wariri, director of Mwiki Co Ltd, says that his company bought the two parcels from Mukinye Enterprises. He further claims that his firm applied to Director of Survey to have the two parcels of land amalgamated and subdivided.


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According to Mr. Wariri, all the processes were carried out successfully, noting that his firm was surprised to learn that the amalgamation had been cancelled and the title to one of the parcels revoked.


In the wake of land grabbing, the Ministry of Education has before issued a stern warning to land grabbers eyeing public school property.

Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang early this year said that the Land and Education ministries, together with the National Land Commission (NLC), will identify and reclaim all grabbed land initially meant for construction of public schools and vocational institutions.


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“Those who have grabbed land belonging to schools must return it before we come for them,” Dr Kipsang said, adding that the government is committed to ensuring that all land meant for public schools is recovered and title deeds issued to the learning institutions.

Do you think the government is serious about reclaiming grabbed land for public schools?

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