Real Hustler! Secrets of Ruto’s 500, 000 acre maize farm in Congo

North Rift MPs Sila Tiren (Moiben), Alfred Keter (Nandi Hills) and Joshua Kuttuny (Cheranganyi) address the press after holding a meeting with farmers in Eldoret town on maize prices, Saturday, November 17, 2018. /MATHEWS NDANYI

Deputy President William Ruto is planning to start a 500,000 acre maize farm in Congo Brazaville. This is according to three rebel Jubilee MPs from Rift Valley, who claim that the maize will soon find itself into the country and further frustrate local farmers.

According to the MP; Alfred Keter of Nandi Hills, Joshua Kuttuny (Cheranganyi) and Sila Tiren of Moiben, Ruto recently visited Congo for more than a week, where these plans were hatched.

The  MPs now want the DP  and his allies investigated over the maize and fertilizer scandals in the country. They accused Ruto of giving farmers false promises and asking them to grow alternative crops like avocado and cabbages.

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The legislators said the DP should shelve his 2022 presidential ambitions and deal with problems affecting Kenyans first.

“In any case there is nowhere they are going with politics that do not benefit Kenyans”, Kuttuny said.

The MPs spoke on Saturday after attending a farmers’ meeting in Eldoret town. Keter said they had decided to tell the truth about the maize scams adding that only President Uhuru Kenyatta would be able to save farmers.

He claimed that Ruto and his allies were linked to the cartels that had been messing up farmers’ issues.

“We want to tell the DP that we know the problems and cartels frustrating farmers are directly linked to him and his office and that is why we want all leaders probed. We are also ready as MPs to be probed”, Keter said.

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Tiren said that it is unwise to tell farmers to start avocado and cabbage farming yet Kenyans have not been told to stop eating ugali, their staple food.

“The DP should be investigated. Why doesn’t he want to come and help farmers and why doesn’t he want to listen to us. If there are cartels, the president has ordered for a lifestyle audit.”

“Let the audit begin right from the president himself just as he said, the DP and all the way down including me”, Tiren said.

He said anyone who knows he was involved in the maize scandal should be ready to go to jail.


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