Famous Criminal Lawyer Cliff Ombeta Decline To Represent The Quack Doctor?? Know Here Why….

Lawyer Cliff Ombeta refused to represent quack doctor Mugo wa Wairimu. Ombeta who spoke to repoters stated that he was afraid of getting backlash from women hence his decision to turn down the case.

“I got him off the hook the first time but this time I will not be representing him,” the top-notch lawyer stated.

“I fear the backlash from women and I also have a 17-year-old daughter, this is not a case I will be touching,” he further added.

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Ombeta admitted that he had been called by police after Mugo wa Wairimu refused to sign the necessary papers and he informed the officers that he was not the suspect’s lawyer.

Mugo wa Wairimu was transported to the Milimani Law Courts where he is set to be arraigned over operation of illegal clinics.

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A man had come out on Facebook and claimed he was the owner of the clinic where Mugo was caught on camera injecting an unknown substance into his body.

The quack doctor was arrested on Tuesday night after more than a week on the run following an NTV investigation piece on his alleged illegal practices last week.

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In 2015 Mugo was charged with sexually assaulting a sedated patient while posing as a medical doctor.

He was further charged with illegally administering unknown drugs, operating as a pharmacist without a license and hiring an unlicensed laboratory technician.

However, Mugo was released from prison after witnesses shied away from testifying in the case.

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In an exclusive interview on Wednesday, Ombeta said he had turned down a request by Mugo because representing him would spark negative energy from women. “Mugo pleaded with me to represent him but my conscience can’t allow me. If I do it I may get a curse. I have a daughter and I just feel this case is not worth my involvement at all,” said Ombeta.

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Ombeta was on the receiving end of the public wrath when he took up the role of representing Administration Police officers accused of killing human rights lawyer Willie Kimani, boda boda operator Josphat Mwendwa and the taxi driver Joseph Muiruri in 2016.

This was despite lawyers in solidarity with their slain colleague Mwangi said they would not represent the three police officers and the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) calling for a seven-day countrywide boycott of court proceedings in protest of the killings.

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