Why it is difficult to understand Raila especially if you took five subjects in primary school; KOT explain

Image result for waiguru settles matter with raila in nysGoing through the Kenyan education system may not have been an easy task and you may have left with little or no knowledge to understand about the dynamics of Kenyan politics.

I mean how do two rivals exchange words in public and drag each other to court and when the battle seems to escalate , your hit with a surprise.

Thats why we follow and not talk because we are said to be others .

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Deputy President William Ruto and Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru have linked a survey released recently by Ipsos Synovate portraying them as corrupt to the 2022 succession battle.

Standing with Uhuru Kenyatta and saying it is time Kenyans united to fight impunity and create a just society , Raila ha met with Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru who has withdrawn a defamation suit she had filed against the Opposition leader for linking her to the Ksh 791 million National Youth Service (NYS) Season I scandal.

Waiguru made the announcement on Twitter after meeting Raila, saying she opted not to pursue the matter in the spirit of cohesion and reconciliation. The former PM has closed ranks with several Jubilee leaders since the March 9 Handshake agreement with President Uhuru Kenyatta, which birthed the Building Bridges Initiative.

Recently, his status went a notch higher when the African Union appointed him its High Representative on Infrastructure Development in Africa.

Kenyans have disagreed with the latest handshake and expressed their concern on the same.

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