Wasafi’s Latest Move to Counter Art Council’s Ban on ‘Mwaza’ song

WCB has officially made the video unavailable in their country  after the Tanzanian Art Council insisted that they will not lift the ban on their ‘Mwanza’ song. The song will however be available in other countries and fans can still access it on their YouTube platform.

This comes after the Tanzanian Art Council  fined  Diamond Platinumz, Rayvanny and the WCB record label 3 million Tanzanian shillings each  which sums up to 9 million (Ksh 403611.76)  for going against the law and releasing the ‘ Mwanza’ song.

The council had summoned the WCB management and the duo  after they released a statement yesterday  saying that the song should be pulled down from all social media platforms and not be used in  the awaited Wasafi Festival.

Fans had hoped the ban will be lifted after the meeting with the artists.. this however did not happen.

The Tanzanian Art Council has rejected the duo’s plea to lift the ban insisting that the words in the song  contain  vulgar language which is against the values.

The Secretary general of BASATA, Godfrey Mngereza expressed his disappointment saying that the artists might have done this intentionally by ignoring the law.

The council’s expectation is that WCB  should observe all the regulations set in regard to the creation of their art work; before sharing it to the public.

“Our reasons to ban the song were very clear and we decided to have a sit up with the team, we are aware that Diamond Platinumz is not in the country but we  had a meeting with Rayvanny and his manager today.

We have asked them to provide us with the lyrics of the song  that we insist is inappropriate and also told them to pull down the song from the social media platforms; especially on YouTube. We are insisting that they pull it down and they should know we are not playing games.” –  Godfrey Mngereza

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