Rayvanny requests the Tanzanian Art Council to lift ban on his new song

Rayvanny has today responded to a statement issues by the Tanzanian Art council in regard to his new song which was a collabo with Diamond Platinumz ‘Mwanza’. His response come a day after the ban of his ‘Mwanza’ song.

The Tanzania musician has requested that the Tanzanian Art Council should consider lifting the ban especially for them to use it on social media platforms as well as during the Wasafi Festival.

Rayvanny however agreed with BASATA suggesting that the ban should be applied only on TV and Radio platforms reasoning that it is where children can access it.

The celebrated artist believes that people who can access the ‘Mwanza’ song on social media and during the festival are adults and therefore the song has no negative influence on them.

According to Rayvanny, he admitted that he has received the warning but he defends the song saying that it is intended for an audience that is above the age of 18 which he believes is the category of people that can access the Internet.

The WCB Star says that they had no intention to use vulgar language, the only intention they had when releasing the song was to entertain their fans with their target audience being adults. Rayvanny reveals that the song is also educative since it highlights issues that the government has been fighting.

“‘Mwanza’ has lessons that artists should capture in the best way possible to reach their audience.”He said

Rayvany added that they even mentioned of the things that the Tanzanian Art Council has prohibited. The title of the song is also symbolic after the Mwanza ferry tragedy. A song that has been well received by many of their fans.

The ban of this song according to Rayvany is only to limit them from sending their intended message.

The Tanzanian Art Council had said that WCB should pull down the song and are not allowed to use it during the Wasafi Festival as they had earlier plan.

Rayvanny however says that the audience during their Festival is people who are above 18 and therefore they see no problem with using the song on that day.

The collabo artist and founder of WCB Diamond Platinumz had also shared his sentiments yesterday saying thatĀ  the creator of the song is not at fault most of the times, the interpreter is the one who misses the point.

Have you listened to the song? Do you think BASATA should agree with Rayvanny’s request?







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