Atwoli’s New Proposal that got Matatu Operators Smiling

COTU secretary general Francis Atwoli is known to be a fierce defender of the Kenyan workers. This is a man that literally lives and sleep’s thinking about the good of the Kenyan workers.

He has now extended his good work to matatu operators by requesting the licensed matatu companies to offer permanent employment to their drivers and conductors.

Atwoli termed the non-recognition of drivers, conductors and any other matatu crew member as a violation of their rights.

“It is a violation of their right to fair labour practices, social security, equal protection and equal benefit of the law,” said Atwoli.

Atwoli has offered unwavering support to the ongoing crackdown on rogue matatus led by the ministry of transport and Interior.

The Cotu boss say’s that the witnessed disorder on our roads has been caused by the matatu companies’ failure to look into the welfare of their employees.

He said saccos have failed to comply with the 2014 National Transport and Safety Authority (Operation of PSVs) regulations, which gave the responsibility over matatus, buses and other PSVs to the saccos and companies.

According to the law, matatu drivers, conductors and other staff should remit statutory deductions and are entitled to a healthy and safe workplace, work injury benefits, insurance, statutory leave days and written contracts of employment, he said.

But according to Mr Atwoli, failure to comply with this law has seen matatu owners focus on maximising profits at the expense of their workers.

“We have attempted to make drivers and conductors form or join unions for purpose of checks and balances but vehicle owners have frustrated these efforts,” the Cotu chief said.

“Those who have tried to join a union have been summarily dismissed but we will now rein in vehicle owners and saccos to ensure the workers are not exploited.” added Atwoli.

The matatu strike was yesterday called off after the Matatu Transport Vehicles Association Secretary-General Richard Kanoru and other leaders from the sector met with Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho and his Transport counterpart Esther Koimett at Harambee house.

“We are glad to have had this meeting and have listened to what we have discussed. I apologise to our passengers and we will be back on the road,” said the federation spokesperson Edwin Mukabana.

“We request our people who have complied to return their vehicles to the road. We will bring all issues to the government table for negotiations.” he added.

Do you Support Atwoli’s Proposal on Drivers and Conductors?

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