Vera Sidika: I always wanted to be a musician



Vera Sidika has today revealed that music is one of the things she wanted to do. As an entertainer, Vera Sidika has featured in several music videos in the past. The recent video she was in was in the ‘ Baby Love’ hit song which was by the ex-lover Otile Brown.

Vera says that she featured in the ‘Baby Love’ song out of her love for Otile Brown. She went ahead and said that Otile Brown was  different from her previous lovers.

“I did  ‘Baby Love’ was out of love. I loved Otile Brown because he was different and we were close. The bond was stronger because we saw each other quite often. The past relationships were not that close because I had to travel to meet with the boyfriend..”

Addressing the rumor that Otile Brown might have written the song for her, Vera denied the claims” I wrote my own song ‘ mi mswahili wa Mombasa bana.’ she said

The business woman/ musician featured in  a music video in back in 2015  and in the ‘You guy’ by P-Unit ft Collo.

Vera says she had always been passionate about music and she had plans to join the Industry.   “I was going to get into music..I wanted only that I had not gotten into it..”

“My mom had wanted me to do music and she was so happy to see that I finally told her I was meeting a producer.”

The ‘Nalia’ song which was released two days ago was trending throughout  the weekend  and Vera is set to release more songs.

“This is the beginning of my music career.. and I am going to be better.” she said

On whether she wants to work on collabos anytime soon the ‘Nalia’ hit maker has said that she wants to lay a foundation for herself first. “I think it is important to build my own foundation before i go ahead and do collabos.”

Vera also revealed that she wishes to do a collabo with Diamond Platinumz in the future. ‘I  want to do a collabo with Diamond Platinumz..I will be releasing my new song soon and team mafisi will be covered.. ” Vera Said

Vera also revealed that her song is not all about lamenting on her failed love but she is crying because of the loss it costed her but life has to continue. “Nalia kwa hasara nilizopata lakini maisha lazima yaendelee”



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