Revealed! Hot secrets that Michelle Obama has been keeping



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Michelle Obama

Behind those faces aren’t we all hiding a struggle?Former first lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama has a new book that has got people talking especially in twitter as the book reveals her unknown pains that she has suffered as well as in-depth expressions of her feelings towards President Donald Trump including how he hurt her.

Michelle reveals her reaction the day Donald won the elections mentioning she was so shocked that she tried to block it all out.

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The former first lady also airs her opinion on Trump pushing the incorrect belief that former US president Barack Obama was born outside the United States and was therefore ineligible to be president under the provisions of the US Constitution.

She defines Trump as crazy,mean spirited person.

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She has also shocked people by revealing that together with Barrack Obama they’ve had to use In-Vitro Fertilization in order to be able to conceive Malia and Sasha, their two daughters

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One twitter user also noticed in the comments of Michelle Obama’s stories that there were lots of racists and misogynists who are believers that men are better than women.

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