OMG!!Teen gang raped in Bomet County

Police are searching for 3 men in connection with a widely circulated three-minute phone audio clip of a Form  3 student in Bomet County being gang-raped.

Detectives believe that the student was lured into one of the suspects’ houses where the heinous act took place.

The suspects recorded a 3-minute audio clip of their activities which was shared on messaging platform Whatsapp.

A fourth suspect was arrested on Thursday and is to be arraigned in court on Monday.

On the clip, the girl is heard pleading for mercy from the suspects who, it sounds, were well known to her.

Enraged Bomet residents called for swift action to be taken by investigating agencies to apprehend the suspects.

They further called for those found guilty to be handed the maximum sentences.

Other Kenyans took to social media as well to pile pressure on authorities over the incident.

One of the suspects is believed to have invited the rest of the men to his house after luring the student.

Police sought to assure residents that all the suspects would be apprehended and arraigned in court.

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