Dryspell: Why Kisii women are protesting lack of lungula

Image result for woman beating man kenyaWomen from Masongo area in Menyinkwa, Kisii County have threatened to strip and walk naked for allegedly being denied conjugal rights by their husbands.

The women led by Florence Nyarangi on Wednesday claimed that their husbands have ‘married’ alcohol.Image result for drunk gif

“We can’t continue suffering yet we have men who should satisfy us in bed. The making and selling of outlawed alcohol is rampant and local Chiefs are doing nothing. We must have time with our husbands,” she said.

Another woman Matilda Moraa said notorious chang’aa sellers Jane Omai and Bonny Isaac have been hiring chang’aa from Bonchari which they mix with bhang to sell to men in Nyaribabari Chache more particularly in Masongo.

“Our husbands have finished tea bonus money buying chang’aa. It is worrying that we are being subjected to seek assistance outside the wedlock. Local chiefs have until Monday to clean the mess or else we strip and walk naked to protest over the illicit brew businesses,” she noted.

Alexinah Kemunto revealed that she last had sex with her husband 6 months ago.

Image result for drunk gif

“I have never enjoyed sex with my husband because he is now married to alcohol. The government should intervene to rescue our marriages,” she noted.

The women accused the Judiciary for being too lenient on illicit brew sellers.

“Courts are the reason chang’aa making, selling and consumption is ongoing. It is time CJ David Maraga should order the Judges, magistrates not to release illicit brew sellers when arraigned in court,” said Eunice Nyanchera.

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